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7 Golden Tips on Residential Roofing in Toronto

When it comes to a massive investment like roofing in Toronto Ontario, it would be very critical to keep the roof well maintained. If they get damaged, they can make matters worse, and a huge amount of money spent on repairs. A roof protects your home at all times even during harshest weather. Below are the maintenance tips from Toronto roofing kings that would ensure a longer lifespan of your residential roofings as possible.

best roofing companies in Toronto1.Inspect your roof always

Sometimes shingles get faulty and would begin to crack as soon as they are nailed down. Incorrect installation of shingles and nails can play a tremendous part in leaks. If nails are pushed too low, they tend to push back up after some time. It is always a good idea to inspect your roof before winter so that you may fix any problem at hand. It would be much easier to repair it before snow fills the roof. A thorough check should be carried out at least twice a year. Things to look for would include loose or missing tiles and whether there exist any wear or tear on the roof, availability of leaks or clogs on the gutter and how the flashing of your chimney and if they are intact.

2. Trim back trees

Many people would prefer to plant trees close to their homes, and it’s a good thing. You will find that some trees shed a lot of leaves especially during different seasons, these leaves would fall on the roof and may danger your roof later on if the branches of these trees don’t get trimmed. The trimming needs to be as soon as the leaves reach your home. This way you can keep your gutter clog free most of the time.

3. Avoid dry rot

Dry rot occurs due to lack of ventilation and not due to any water damage. There is a chance that plywood could be deteriorating if repairs are done right in the middle of the roof. The roof would tend to sag in and would cause roof shingles to get cracks, brittle and would leak. To prevent dry rot, it would require the installation of a ridge vent. This ridge vent will only work if there is a soffit vent. Holes would have to be drilled through the soffit vent so that cold air could come in through the bottom and push the hot air out via the top.

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4. Consult the experts

Some of the problems you face would require a professional to carry out roofing maintenance. The moment you spot a place that would need attention, consult Toronto Roofing Kings. Our staff have a significant amount of experience in this field and also have been in business in Toronto area, and the surrounding places for a long time. We will always help you identify all possible problems and then assist you in solving them.

5. Fix roof boots

Roofing, flashing, skylights and ice damping are places that have high chances of leaks. Many people miss the rubber boots, yet if they get dry, they will cause major leaks. Fixing it is simple and would require purchasing of a new roof boot from a hardware store. It may also require you to remove some shingles and lay a good tar under it then put them back in place.

6. If you don’t have gutter guards, install them

They are very affordable and would save you some time when it comes to cleaning your drain. These caps go over guttering and thus prevent leaves from falling inside. The small holes present in the caps would still let water get through, but large debris will dry up and get blown away. Therefore, you won’t have much work to do during cleaning.

7. Ensure safety first

Trying to find a leak the moment it happen can give dangerous results. Getting on the roof during rain time or when snow and ice have covered your roof isn’t an excellent idea to find a leak. There isn’t a quick fix when life is concerned. You have to be patient and settle it when the right time comes. When on top of your roof, you would be in uncomfortable positions and is unsafe. You might slip if not careful. To prevent slipping, you should wear rubber sole shoes. You can always work with a friend or use a harness.

There are many things to consider when it comes to residential and commercial roofing. Contact Toronto Roofing Kings for more information on the areas we service in the GTA and a free over the phone consultation today. We also offer aluminum siding installation for your homes.