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The roofing industry in Toronto and the GTA is awash with roofing technicians in the commercial space. Many who put shame to the profession and the minority that works to repair the reputation of this industry. Finding a good technician is as essential as finding a trustworthy contractor for your building. At the end of the day roofing matters most. A beautifully built building with poor roofing may lead to more than just the loss of aesthetic beauty of the building. Take a leaky roof or a roof that collapses. At Toronto Roofing Kings, we are offering you all our best roofing technicians as well as our expertise gained over 10 years to perfectly solve your roofing needs.

commercial roofing company GTAA good commercial roofing company is identified by the professional manner in which it conducts its business. This does not only extend to the results of a quality roofing project or the waterproof extent of the finished roofing project. Ideally, a good commercial roofing company should not try to make money by charging on introductory services such as estimates. It is expected that they should be certain of earning directly form the project and not try to make a living by grabbing the table scraps of deals allotted to other companies.

The need for roofing companies to understand the problems that face roofs, introducing them to the chance of damage, is now more than ever vital. To understand these problems, a company is at least expected to have been in existence for a sufficient period. This allows for the company to have devised in house problem solving solutions to these events.

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Typical problems that may affect roof systems in Toronto:


Condensation results in the growth of mold and mildew which is detrimental to the longevity of your buildings internal structure. A well placed roofing company is expected to have devised techniques that act to protect the buildings structure from un-intended condensation.

Water leakages.

This is particular to rain water. Uncontrolled water leakage leads to disastrous effects on your structures such as mold, peeling paint, moss on walls and other unfavorable situations. It is in the best interest of a roofing company to best erect a roof that does not leak. It is as well a continuing trend to have open roof systems in buildings and to this end, a good roofing company consults with the building contractor to ensure that the building is indeed leakage proof. The best solution, which tends to be compliant with green housing, is to have a water collection system such that rain water does not go to destroy the building but rather harvested in a controlled way. It is in the scope of roofing companies to come up with water drainage systems.

Cracks and holes

The presence of holes and cracks in your roof is the last thing any building owner needs. It is however a recurrent thing with most building’s roofs. Poor workmanship results in poor results of any work done. Cracks results in disastrous outcomes like termite infestation to the supporting beams of the roof, which could lead to collapse of the entire roof. This is where in contracting a roofing company, decisions should not be made based on redundant factors such as cost. A dollar saved today may cost you triple in the future!


This is a result of short term thinking when designing the roofing structure. A forward thinking institution will consider the additional weight that may occur from the consolidation of debris on the roof. Typically, this happens on gutters and may lead to damage of the gutters, initially, and proceed to do more harm to the supporting beams and consequently the entire roof.

The roofing materials to be used do pick the roofing company. Most companies tend to specialize in one roofing material. The industry does not have one roofing material. Diversity in the specializations available at a roofing company place it at the top of the list. The level of service or the materials that a company should use on its roof should not be dictated by the specializations of the cheapest roofing company, rather by the preferences of the owners and rational thinking.

The construction industry is built on trust. This transfers to the roofing sector as well. A good company establishes its trust through proper work, Pleased customers are the best spokesmen as appertains the quality of work done. It is the prerogative of anybody seeking individuals in the roofing industry to check out for references of any intended roofing company. Ensure that the roofing company has experience in handling roofing problems since roofing is not a touch and go affair. A proper roofing company is a lifelong companion and such decisions should be clearly thought and should align with your values.

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