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Residential Roofing

best roofing companies in TorontoOne of the most important investments you can make to your home is the roof. Without a good roof the rest of your home can get damaged and cause an array of different problems. That’s why it’s wise to understand a bit about the different options that are available to you when you’re choosing a new roof. Different aspects about your roof might restrict your options slightly; such as if the pitch of your roof is too steep you might find something not available. The most common residential roofing options tend to be asphalt shingles, clay tiles, slate and concrete tiles. When deciding on which material to use, you should consider what will go with the style and shape of your house, what might last longer and then go off whether you have preferences. Asphalt for example is resistant to wind and fire but isn’t the most economically friendly material to work with. It is also the cheapest material to consider so if you’re on a budget Asphalt might be your only choice. Slate on the other hand is made from natural materials but they are significantly more expensive and require a steep roof to use them. Toronto Roofing Kings can help you figure out your options and make educated decisions to find the best roof for your property.

Commercial Roofing

commercial roofing company GTAYou typically have the same materials to work with as you do for residential roofing, the major difference being the most commercial roofs are flatter in slope making some materials better than others. Shingles are the typical option many commercial roofs are built with and they can be made from different materials such as wood or asphalt. Wood is mainly just used for their aesthetics and requires regular maintenance due to the weather and insects damaging them. Asphalt is one of the cheapest materials on the market for commercial roofing although they don’t last as long as other options such as metal. Opting for shingles as oppose to clay tiles helps improve runoff due to their overlap when being laid-out. One of the most expensive shingle options are slate shingles but along with their high cost, you get a lot of reliability and they can last over 100 years. Depending on the structure of your commercial building you might be better off opting for metal roofing. This is a reliable and cost effective option that is very lightweight and flexible. Another fast-growing roofing material for commercial roofing is Thermoplastic roofing; they are highly resistant to fires and high winds and can last over 20 years before needing replacing. Deciding what material to install on your roof can be a complicated procedure although Toronto Roofing Kings will help you understand the differences between your options and then help you decide what method will be best for you.


Aluminium Siding

A siding can be applied to the exterior of a house to help with insulation and to protect the general structure of the building. A very popular material for this used to be wood however after World War II there was an excess amount of aluminium that wasn’t being used for combat. Due to this it started being used for the siding of houses and today it is one of the most popular materials on the market. It is very durable and can bend as required to follow the shape of the structure. Aluminium works well in cold environments too providing between the layers is sufficiently insulated, keeping buildings warmer regardless of the temperature. Most aluminium siding is coated in a paint which helps improve its effectiveness through weather conditions, although this is prone to fading after a period of years. The side-effects of this is that your house will change to a grey color and you’ll need to repaint to help ensure the durability and effectiveness of your aluminium siding lasts. Vinyl siding is another popular option although a lot of people still opt for aluminium thanks to its proven track record of working well. If your property is feeling cold even when the heating is on or on a warm day then perhaps you need to check the insulation of the property. Aluminium siding could be what you need to ensure your property keeps heat properly which will save you money in the long run.