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Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario

Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario – Top Rated Roofing Company- We can Design your Dream Roof!

We are a family run full service top roofers in the gta, we specialize in commercial and residential roofing systems. Your roof is a crucial part of your home, as it’s job is to protect one of your largest and most coveted investments. Regardless of if it’s covering your commercial property or your home, your roofs condition will directly effect how much protection it will be able to offer. Wether you’re looking to extend your roofs life, or have a complete renovation our team of experts will come up with a solution for your roofing system that makes sense and stays within your budget. All of our roofers are OIRCA certified members.

Top Roof Installers – Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario

  • Our employees are highly skilled at their job and ready to answer any questions you may have
  • We have over 20 years in the roofing business
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • We have well established relationships with the top providers in the city
  • Our business has been built over the years through reputation and good business practice
  • We have multiple positive reviews online
  • We come to your home and give you a FREE CONSULTATION

Call us at  (647) 484-2679 and we’ll get you in for a free consultation today.

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Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario – Roofing Consultation

Once your new design has been finalized, we work with you to select the materials that we’ll use for your project. We have established with all the top local vendors and have access to the best materials including shingles, thermoplastics, gutter systems and more. Our team will come up with a realistic plan and we will explain in detail what our method of installing will be.

Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario – During installation, our staff will keep you up to date on the progress, and maker sure everything goes according to the plan. If there ever is an issue, our team will work with you to keep the project moving forward while coming up with viable solutions. At , there is no such thing as a problem without a solution, and you’ll notice this as our experts will guide you to all available options in any situation.

Have a look through our gallery and see some of the completed projects we have recently worked on and call for an in-home FREE CONSULTATION.

ROOFING DESIGN SERVICES IN Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario

When working with a tight budget or timeframe, an aesthetically pleasing roof isn’t always the easiest to achieve. If you are looking to remodel or completely redesign the roof you already have or don’t. We make ourselves available to you throughout your entire project to help you come up with your ultimate roofing system.

Toronto Roofing Kings  is an owner operated business, and we pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve managed to build over the years after consistent successful projects and happy customers over the coarse of 20 plus years. We have worked in coordination with some of the top distributors and manufacturers, and completed an unimaginable amount of various designs on different projects.



  • preventative maintenance
  • reflective and protective coatings
  • maintenance
  • eaves drops
  • singly-ply membrane
  • shingles
  • flat roofs
  • residential/commercial
  • tuck pointing
  • emergency repairs

HOW MUCH DOES A ROOF DESIGNS COST IN  Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario

What needs to be understood, is that like most things, roofs are made differently and roofers charge different prices as well. So you aren’t going to find a straight answer. The type of roof, the company you use or the one man show you decide to hire, a composition shingles roof can cost you anywhere from $3.25-$9.00 sq/ft to install. That can run you $325-$900 per square which is 100 square feet, and an average roof is 1700 square feet. It isn’t recommended to go with a weekend warrior, as they are usually not insured or certified, although you’ll probably get the lowest bids from these characters.


We can personalize your renovation as we have access to the best materials that there are on the market. We only use the best and well made materials for roofs.  We are always there to listen to what our customer has as a vision, and will always work towards that vision no matter how difficult it is to achieve, we always look for solutions.

WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE – Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario

We gave been in the game for over 20 years and have all of that experience show in our work. Our highly skilled crews are extremely efficient Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario when installing roof systems. At Toronto Roofing Kings  we make sure that the customer feels %100 confident that they are getting what they payed from from the get go, and this is possible because of the experience we’ve acquired throughout the years of good business practice with our customers.

With you speak with the owners of the company who have a 20 plus years of experience under their belts, and this manifests as efficient job done and you have peace of mind.


Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario –  wether it’s a full on renovation, or simply a remodelling, we have all the expertise and knowhow to get what you want done and on time with the best quality materials out there. Our professional team of gta roofers meet with you in your home and ask the important questions to extract the exact vision you have for your home. We then proceed to create your vision as close as possible within your budget and timeframe.

TOP ROOFING REMODELLING CONTRACTOR – Best roofing company in Mitchell Ontario

  • we have over 20 years of roofing experience
  • our team of professionals are with you from the get go to help achieve the end goal you have in mind
  • our team is the best at what they do, highly skilled and available to get the job done properly and on time
  • we are fully licensed and insured
  • we give a FREE CONSULTATION in home.

Call us at  (647) 484-2679 and we’ll get you in for a free consultation today.

We’ll present you with the pinnacle in quality, most modern and a vast selection of materials. We look forward to bring style and elegance to your home!